Marconics No touch healing

The ‘No-Touch’ Healing Protocol is the Evolution of Energy Healing, and is performed as an on-going therapy. It raises the client’s vibrational frequency by running Marconic Energy - encoded with Light information - through selected points on the body’s own Axiatonal grid, triggering profound spontaneous healing.

The goal of a ‘No-Touch’ session is to raise your frequency so high that you have an opportunity to connect to Higher Dimensional Aspects of Self,

Post session, your vibrational frequency will gradually settle into a higher resonance having achieved incremental lift in base vibration, according to the person’s Spiritual evolution.

The healings may be sustained, but the higher vibrational frequency that is required to SHIFT into the Higher Dimensions may not, but rather slow like when you go away on retreat and achieve your Zen, but then have to return to your normal daily life with all its demands and pressures.

Repeated sessions will raise the vibration incrementally to incorporate higher activations as you shed density and karmic imprints.

The Marconics No Touch is maximum 1 hour session which includes a conversation before and after the energy work. A standard Marconics No Touch healing session can be carried out, either in person or remotely (worldwide)

60 minutes appointment: £75

Integrated Chakra Unification

The Marconics Integrated Chakra Unification protocol involves the "uncapping" of the bodies chakra system restoring them to their original spherical shape as well as releasing all karmic debris contained in their current structure. This powerful treatment can help release energy blockages from this and from any past lifetimes.

This treatment is performed as a one-time treatment. This treatment CANNOT be done remotely. Please note this protocol is also part of the Quantum Recalibration

80 minute appointment: £144

This is a once only procedure

Quantum Recalibration

Performed in your Energy Field (no touch), the Marconics Quantum Recalibration is The Human Upgrade. It’s a re-tooling of the 3D body to become multidimensional, enabling it to experience, perceive and thrive in higher dimensions and enables you to:

• Communicate with your DNA

• Take Charge of your Personal Programs

• Accelerate your Evolutionary Process

• Discover your Life’s Purpose

• Align with your Higher Mission

• Awaken Intuition/ESP Psychic Gifts

• Reclaim Hidden Talents & Skills

• Release Negative Past Life Imprints

•Trigger the Octahedron light body/Merkaba

•Activate up to 144 strands of DNA

As well as preparing for your own Shift/Ascension, you are also anchoring Marconics Light Frequencies to the planetary grid below your feet, helping to prepare Earth for her ascension.

This treatment is performed as a one-time treatment only. This treatment CANNOT be done remotely.

Please dress warm and comfortably as we do not use a blanket for cover for these sessions

This is done in person in two 1.5 hour sessions

over 2 consecutive days.

Total 3-hour session: £333

This is a one time procedure

Lux Magnum

The Lux Magnum Protocol is an augmentation of the multidimensional holographic body enabling you to draw down, anchor and assimilate frequencies in resonance with you, from Dimensions 7, 8, 9 & 11; and up to 144, via the connection to your Avatar Consciousness. The electric and magnetic energy pathways required for connection to one's own Avatar Consciousness are activated, opened and unified allowing the rise of higher, multi-dimensional Kundalini.

This will enable you to come into a deep and meaningful alignment with your Soul-Self at Source and create the opportunity to download, assimilate, and integrate the energies into the physical body!

The release of karma, judgment, expectation, and fear combined with the integration of Divine Aspects of one’s self sets the individual on the path to aligning fully with themselves at Source. This awakening and alignment provides a unique opportunity for the individual to achieve the level of spiritual mastery, purity and integrity which provides a platform to attain an even higher level of Ascension – Soul Sovereignty.

60 minute appointment: £189

This is a one time procedure