Can You Diagnose Or Treat Diseases With Marconic Energy?

​As a certified Marconics ‘No-touch’ and Recalibration Practitioner, Marconics Energy does not diagnose or treat diseases or disorders. I do not prescribe medications and I am not a physician. It is recommended that you still see a physician or counselor for any condition you may have.

What Is Marconic Energy Healing?

​Marconics Energy is a multidimensional ascension energy, handed down by spirit- the Human Upgrade. It achieves Ascension through integration of Higher Self Energies into the physical body, each introducing higher vibrations than the last. By raising your vibration above the fear frequencies in the third dimension, you can access the frequencies of Love in the higher realms and come into alignment with your Higher Self, at Source. Anything you do emits a vibration, or frequency, and after receiving Marconic energy your personal interactions and your work will emit a higher frequency, drawing in people and experience that are in resonance with you. You will experience an acceleration of your life’s path and continue to download upgrades into your new operating system with every new wave of Ascension energy that hits the planet.

What Will Receiving The Marconic Energy Activate?

​Receiving the Marconic Energy will enable you too take charge of your personal programs, release 51% of karma and negative past-life imprints, reclaim hidden talents and skills, awaken your intuition, align with your higher mission, and discover your life’s purpose as well as accelerate your evolutionary process.

What Is Ascension?

​Ascension is the acceleration of energy frequency and expansion of awareness; A shift in consciousness. Symptoms experienced on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level indicate your system being ‘tuned up’ as old patterns start to fall away. The symptoms experienced are different for everyone and are experienced at different intensities over time. Symptoms can include stomach and digestive issues, changes is body heat or increased sensitivity to hot and cold. Fleeting cold/flu like symptoms, sinus issues and increased sensitivity to smell, changes in hearing or hearing a high pitched frequency, change in sleeping patterns and experiencing insomnia, change in appetite or inexplicable weight gain or loss, and many more.

What Is Different About Marconic Energy?​

​Marconic Energy is a full-spectrum Ascension energy that has only been accessible since the planet was repositioned on the Galactic plane in 2012. Because we are accessing our Fifth Dimensional Body Template, it is not recommended to use other modalities that were around before 2012.

Can You Do These Sessions Remotely?

​The Marconic ‘No-Touch’ session can be done remotely, all other sessions including Recalibration and Lux Magnum must be done in person.

What Do You Mean By ‘No-Touch’?

​During the session, the Practitioner does not touch your body, only at the end to ground you.

Do You Have To Repeat Sessions Or Is This A One Time Experience?

You can start with a 'No-Touch' session, or use it as a continuing treatment after receiving a Recalibration.

What Is The Role Of The Practitioner During The Session?

​The Practitioner serves as a bridge between you and the Five Dimensional Marconics Energy; They are a facilitator. Your Higher Self and Guides will be revealed to you when you’re ready to receive them; A Practitioner’s role is not to tell you your purpose in life or what healing has taken place.

Can I Only Book Day One Of A Marconic Quantum Recalibration Session And Later Decide If I Want A Second Session?

​No, the Recalibration must be done during two appointments on back to back days. The Chakra Unification is carried out on Day 1 only and can be offered as a stand alone protocol but if you later decide you want the full Recalibration then you will need to have the full 2 days Recalibration which includes the Chakra unification and pay the full cost of £333. 

What Can I Expect During The Session?

​Each session is unique to the individual and therefore you will respond differently. You may feel relaxed and calm, you could feel physical sensations, you may experience physical twitches, or perhaps you’ll be completely still.

What Can I Expect After The Session?

Anyone receiving Marconics Energy, especially a Recalibration, should go into their session with no expectations or preconceived notions about what healing is to be received or what the outcome of the session should be. It is not up to the client as the incarnate, and it is not up to the healer as the conduit, it is up to the clients own higher self to govern what the experience will be.

What Do I Need To Wear During The Session?

​Make sure to be comfortable, you will be laying on a massage table and your temperature may fluctuate so be prepared with an extra layer of clothing. You should not be wearing any metal or crystals during your session.

I Am Pregnant; Can I Still Have A Session?

​It is not recommended to undergo Marconics Energy treatment while pregnant. It is better for the expectant mother to wait until after delivery.

I Have A Pacemaker; Can I Still Have A Session?

​No, the Five Dimensioal Marconic Energy may tamper with the electronic component of the device.

Can Children Have A Marconics Session?

​Generally it is recommended that someone waits until they are 21. However, in certain situations it is possible to work on someone younger if they ask for the energy.

What Is The Difference Between A No-Touch And Recalibration Session?

A ‘No-Touch’ session activates the Fifth Dimensional Body Template and is used as an on-going therapy. It is designed to release Three Dimensional programming and align your new template with the 12 dimensional Matrix, allowing you to shed karmic density and activate new and existing chakras. You will activate new DNA and connect/integrate with your Higher Self Lineage. A No-Touch session will incrementally increase your vibration.

A Recalibration is a one-time session occurring over two appointments within 48 hours of each other. This is The Human Upgrade that allows you to experience and thrive in higher dimensions. More DNA is activated, it heals the multidimensional holographic body, and enhances spiritual and psychic connection as well as astral travel. You will merge with multiple Higher Self identities in your physical body and experience peace and balance in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Ultimately you will be aligned at Source.

Why Have A Marconic Quantum Recalibration?

​If you are experiencing some of the uncomfortable symptoms associated with the Ascension shift, your body is telling you that you need to upgrade your vibration to keep up with the raise in vibration. This will prepare you for living in the Fifth and higher dimensions, and by anchoring the Fifth dimensional energy you help prepare Earth for her Ascension.

Who Are We Working With In Marconics Energy?

​We only work with beings of the highest vibration in alliance with Grace Elohim and various light beings from resonating star systems and your Galactic team.

Is Marconic Energy Mixed With Other Energy?

​No, it is not mixed with any other energy modality. It is not recommended to receive third dimensional healing modalities or anything that was used prior to 2012.

Can You Tell Me What You Saw Intuitively After The Session?

​Practitioners are facilitators, each individuals' integration with the energy will be different and so the emphasis is placed on your personal experience.

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