Sat Nam

Being part of a Sikh family, Kundalini Yoga has always been a part of my life since I was a very young girl of eight years when my late Dad (a yoga master in his own right) used to teach me the asanas and kriyas of yoga.  I trained in India 25 years ago and I also taught kundalini yoga in Greece for 3 years and now teach in Brentwood, 

Kundalini Yoga has been described as ‘The Mother Of All Yoga’, because of its potency and powerful and profound healing and transformative effects and qualities. It is the Yoga that works you from the inside first and then the outside.

Kundalini Yoga works quickly because each class contains all aspects of yoga and comprise specific sequences of posture, mudra, bandha, breath, mantra, meditation relaxation and philosophy.

Kundalini yoga incorporates the physical, philosophical and spiritual/subtle aspects of yoga in every class right from the start. It greatly brings awareness, elevates consciousness and transformation happens very quickly with consistent and regular practice.

My classes are small and I also facilitate private classes too. Please call me for further information.