Hi I'm Rupi Sahib Kaur and thank you for visiting my website. I run The Alchemy Space in Brentwood. I've been into healing and spiritual work for over 20 years now and I was first introduced to Reiki when the name was dropped into my head on a daily basis over a period of a few months and in the days when we didn't have internet or  social media I couldn't Google it to see what it was, until, a chance phone call to a lady who was organising  a course on "How to connect with your Guardian Angels" that I was attending and I asked her what else she did and her answer was "I'm a Reiki Master"!! Needless to say I absolutely stumped for words (that doesn't happen often!)  So having trained to Master Reiki level and been attuned to many other healing modalities over time I know that I'm finally doing the work I came in this lifetime to do, as a level 1 MARCONICS Teacher and Certified Advanced MARCONICS Practitioner & Recalibrator having trained with the originator of MARCONICS, Alison David Bird C.Ht., and co-founder Lisa Wilson.

As a Marconics practitioner, I run the energy daily on either clients or myself, and find that my life has changed in so many ways. I have shed, and still shedding old patterns of behavior that weren't ideal for me. I am experiencing shifts in my everyday life and feel an overall state of wellness, calmness and positivity. With this energy I have manifested the life that I always wanted to live.  I love this multi-dimensional state of BEING!

I have a deep passion to assist humanity and Mother Earth with the Ascension process and I am here to fulfill my service path and honor my contract in this lifetime.

I would be honored to assist you in re-awakening your own innate ability to manifest a magical transformation. 

I have also been practicing Yoga - Hatha and Kundalini yoga since I was a young girl and began teaching when I lived in Greece for a few years and Kundalini yoga especially, has been a big part of my life as its roots are deeply steeped in Sikhism which is a very spiritual path of life. I am trained as a Nutritional Therapist also which works very well hand in hand with the Yoga and wellness side of my practice. 

I only offer services to others that I feel passionate about and that I can offer wholeheartedly so I hope you will book an appointment with me with whatever resonates with your soul.